Focus, Challenge, Clarity and Communication: Calling Out Impostor Syndrome

Impostor SyndromeIn a case of serendipity, I received a Centre for Creative Leadership newsletter just as I began working with a coaching client regarding their strengths.

As I read further into the article, “High Achiever? Beware the Impostor Syndrome“, I was reminded of the Marshall Goldsmith approach to coaching: focusing on your strengths and consciously making choices to play to these.

I find it interesting that the researchers linked “impostor syndrome” to high achievers.  Through my coaching practice and facilitation of leadership skills, I have also noticed that this can interestingly strike high achievers.

It makes me wonder if the near-constant adaptability required of good leaders these days is not being balanced with a mindful assessment of a personal scorecard before the next wave of change comes through.

I highly recommend that as a part of your personal professional development plan – in addition to or in lieu of an organisational process – you check-in at least yearly, preferably with a tool such as  a 360° tool or CCL’s “Benchmarks®” to ensure you are not overlooking skills and strengths.